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<-Sierra was one of the first batch of dogs rescued by the Shelter Dog Rescue Project. A veterinary student fell in love with her and decided to adopt her. In the summer of 2000, a gorgeous Golden Retriever named Tanner was rescued by the project. Unfortunately, he tested positive for canine heartworm disease. Luckily for Tanner, his extraordinary foster family was willing to take great care of him, and thanks to the generous financial support of the community. Sierra's mom Robyn, now a vet, decided to take Tanner home too!
Abby was a sweet, energetic 9 month old puppy who loved racing around the dog park. She is currently living with a wonderful adoptive family in Sacramento and is doing great!
TRYTON is a huge (>100 pounds!), loveable, mellow boy who entered the Shelter Dog Rescue Project with his equally loveable (and huge!) brother Bailey. Bailey is settled in with his new family in Sacramento, and Tryton is now an East Bay boy who loves to spend quality outdoor time with his new family.