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About the Shelter Dog Rescue Project

The Shelter Dog Rescue Project was started by UC Davis veterinary students in 1997.  Vet students work with families in the community and 4-H Club members with the goals of saving the lives of shelter dogs, educating participants, and increasing the awareness of pet overpopulation problems.  Shelter dogs, generally young adults, undergo temperament evaluations and are placed in foster homes for 6-8 weeks.  The foster families bring the dogs to weekly obedience classes and work with the dogs on housetraining and socialization.  The dogs also receive all needed medical care, including vaccinations, heartworm testing, and spay/neuter procedures.  Following graduation, the dogs are placed in permanent homes.

Where the Dogs Come From:
Veterinary students from UC Davis visit the Sacramento Animal Control Facility and the Yolo County Animal Shelter. The dogs at these facilities are screened and tested for temperament and adoptability. In addition, students consider the likelihood that the dog will be adopted within the time allotted by the shelter and attempt to rescue those with the least amount of time. The program only accepts dogs that have displayed no aggression to people or other animals, and who have shown a desire to please.

How The Program Works:
Foster families take the dogs into their homes for the duration of the 8-week project. During this time, foster families are taught how to housetrain, socialize, and obedience train their dogs. The dogs also receive any needed medical care and vaccinations, and are spayed/neutered. At the end of the 8-week program, the dogs and foster families attend a graduation ceremony and the dogs are adopted out to permanent, loving homes.

How You Can Help:
We can always use spare dog supplies (toys, collars, leashes, crates, etc.) that you no longer need. We are entirely student-run and funded, so financial donations are greatly appreciated. On this web site, you can get more information on making a donation, becoming a mentor to a foster family, fostering a shelter dog, or adopting one of our dogs. This page is always under construction, so check back often for updates!