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Lucky is a collie/husky mix. She is a very upbeat dog who loves children and other dogs. She is moderately active and likes to play with bones, balls, and frisbees. She hasn't been around cats so we don't know what she thinks of them. She seems to be very smart and is learning quickly in her training sessions. She works so hard in her classes that she sometimes has to take a break (see below)!

If you'd like to meet any of the dogs involved with the program this quarter, we encourage you to attend one of our training sessions, held on the UC Davis campus on Wednesday evenings from 7-8 PM. You can find directions and maps on our Directions Page. If you'd like to attend a class or have any other questions, please contact us via email at or call 530-792-6177 to make an appointment.

You may also want to check out our Other Adoptions Page for pictures and descriptions of other dogs at local shelters or in foster care who need homes.

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